CPC was founded on June 1, 1946 with a mandate to lead the country’s energy sector. For the more than 70 years since then, we have fulfilled that commitment by taking on responsibility for the development of national energy resources. We have consistently ensured a stable supply of petroleum product despite recurring oil crises, liberalization of the domestic market and fluctuations in produces prices. While tackling these challenges, we have not wavered in making our just contribution to Taiwan’s economic progress and its citizens’ welfare. In the context of the challenges posed by climate change and depletion of natural resources, CPC lends practical support to the government’s Circular Economy policy by turning petrochemical by-products used as fuel or previously regarded as industrial waste into value-added products. Furthermore, CPC has provided the cold water discharged by the LNG plant with nearby residents as resources of farming to improve the quality of aquaculture. CPC aims to create a win-win situation between economic development and environmental protection.