Dr. Wun Hui Huang is qualified as an environmental engineering technician and then transferred to the field of environmental management. He is engaged in environmental management system counseling and development of environmental assessment software and database. As environmental management moves toward a green responsibility for products, he begins to study the Design for Environment and Life Cycle Assessment technology application to assist the industry in analyzing the environmental impact of its products and promoting improved products.In 2015, with the support of the Industrial Development Bureau, he began to promote and coach the industry to learn the material flow cost analysis technology. From the cost analysis of materials and waste, firms can find out the waste of resources and make the industry cost-effective. Benefits, and the results are remarkable.In 2013, he was invited to the “”Green Product Life Cycle Assessment”” course at the Department of Industrial Engineering of Tsing Hua University to teach graduate students how to analyze from cradle to grave and reduce the impact on the environment.