Current: General Manager, Utility Department, China Steel Corporation (CSC) Experience:
-Mr. Lin started work in Maintenance Shop, Utility Department in 1981, responsible for utility equipment maintenance.
-In 2011, he became Superintendent of Energy Dispatching Plant, responsible for energy dispatch, distribution system operation/maintenance in CSC and District Energy Integration business in Linhai Industrial Park.
-In 2014, he was General Manager of Utilities Department, CSCI, responsible for electric/water infrastructure construction.
-He was President of CSC Solar Corporation in 2016 and completed 30MWp CSC Group solar photovoltaic system at the end of 2017. Also another 50MWp was planned to achieve the 80MWp task for CSC Group.
-In 2018, he becomes General Manager of Utilities Department, managing CSC’s energy-related business, and continuously promoting District Energy Integration and urban sewage water reclaimed plan. Effective energy usage will fulfill CSC’s corporate social responsibility.