Mr. Matt Lin founded Da Fon Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. in 2001, dedicated to creating the business model of resource circle ecosystem, promoted the upgrading of the recycling industry, adopted scientific management, introduced the information and logistics systems, make Da Fon Environmental Technology Co., Ltd become the largest chain recycling station in Taiwan. From 2010, Da Fon invested in the research of resource recycling, developed a sustainable and cyclical operation model, become the first and only company in Asia be certificated according to the European Standard EN 15343, called as EuCertPlast Certification. At the same time Mr. Matt Lin also implemented a one-stop recycling model and enter the era of full recycle. In 2014 Mr. Matt Lin was awarded of the 37th Model of Entrepreneurs, holding the spirit of challenge and innovation, from recycling to environmental protection technology, has created a new concept of “zero waste – full recycle”. 3 years later, the unique zero-zero recycling reservation App launched and be recommended by the Apple app store. With the belief of “Good recycling, good life”, building a more convenient and effective O2O recycling service, so that people can better understand recycling and make recycling closer to normal life. Hoping in the future that would cooperate with more brands to create the recycling of resources and materials in Taiwan, achieve a “circular economy.”