Jia Sing Cheng graduated from the Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science of Feng Chia University in 1998. The present position is Chairman of D-house international CO. , Ltd. and general manager of Color Park International CO. , Ltd. The previous position was general manager of Sytech International Co., Ltd., general manager of Shanxi Dingbian County oasis grass industry, general manager of Shanxi Zhi Heng energy technology Co., Ltd,. Conceived, planned and executed 6 years ago was Colorpark lighting solution leasing plan which aims to replace the traditional ownership model. To this date, Jia Sing Cheng have successfully introduced hundreds of customers in Taiwan to the leasing model in provisioning for their lighting requirements; customers who have adopted our leasing plan have achieved the goal and ripped the benefits of owning the services but not the actual equipments. As an end-to-end integrated leasing solution provider, we are able to service our customers during their entire cycle of operation. This includes solution planning and building, equipment servicing, and with the special emphasis on end-of-life equipment recycling and reusing, which reduces waste and the secondary pollution it causes, as well as promoting energy efficiency and reduction of carbon emission.