Dr. Jan Chang graduated from the University of Massachusetts, Boston, USA, and obtained a master’s degree in biomedical engineering and computer science from Tufts University and Boston University, respectively. He is currently the head of the circular economy group of Taiwan Sugar Corporation, and was a scientist in the international agricultural research organization, AVRDC-World Vegetable Center.

In view of the fact that the traditional linear economy over-consumes the limited resources of the earth, Dr. Chang and his team are committed to promoting the transformation of the Taiwan Sugar Corporation (TSC) and Taiwan’s industry from a linear economy into a circular one, and thus to create an industrial model of sustainable development, zero waste, and zero pollution. Dr. Chang also actively connects institutions with the same ideals, to promote the decoupling between economic growth and resource consumption. Meanwhile, through circular economy education, research and development, and collaboration, his team shows the influence of TSC on Taiwan and enhances Taiwan’s competitiveness with the implementation of circular economics.