Yang Hao, Chairman of Agri-Dragon Biotech, has been researching into the convergence of sustainable agriculture and natural medicine since 1983. He is also the Honorary Founding Chairman of Biomimicry Taiwan. He started his thinking on the basis of the essence of life, learned from nature and invented the AgriDragon Biomimicry Farming System. This innovative system creates an ecosystem of exuberant life energy, improving soil health and fertility by enriching beneficial microbial diversity through patented sub-irrigation devices. The growth, yield, quality and nutrition of crops are well improved. It increases the self-cleaning ability of the soil, so contaminated soils can be restored.With his lifelong ideal in mind, Yang Hao is dedicated to advocating the establishment of the Specialized Biomimicry Agricultural Area through promoting the industry-academia-government collaboration to form the value-added industry chain to gain the upper hand in the high-end international market and contribute to food-agriculture-environment-society-nation safety.