Dr. Chia-Lin Chang received his Ph.D. in Applied Physics from Harvard University. In CPC Corporation, Taiwan, Dr. Chang focused on the development of high performance carbon materials from CPC’s own heavy oil. He has developed several value-added products, including refined pitch, bead-shaped activated carbons and high modulus carbon fiber with several publications and patents. In light of the recent booming of green energy industry, Dr. Chang’s research interest has shifted to the design of battery systems and the smart grid. He has demonstrated the first smart and green e-Station in Taiwan. The Energy Management System (EMS) designed by Dr. Chang can coordinate electric power not only for the gas station but also for the on-site charging of electric vehicles. The e-station serves as a good example for the integration of energy generation (solar power), storage (lithium battery system) and usage (gas station and electric vehicle charging) via smart EMS.