Chi-Yi CHANG is the current Chairman of Taiwan Design Center, Vice President for General Affairs and Professor at the Graduate Institute of Architecture at the National Chiao Tung University, Vice Chairman at Xue Xue Foundation. He was Deputy Magistrate of Taitung County. He received his M.D. from Harvard Design School in 1994 and his master of architecture from Ohio State University in 1992. Previously the director of the Graduate Institute of Architecture in National Chiao Tung University and the director of A+@ Architecture Studio, he has published several books including Contemporary Architecture: the Concept of Aesthetic, European Charm: New Architecture, and Contemporary Architecture of North American in Focus. He believes the key to promote architecture aesthetic is to not only strengthen education, but to also publicize this issue to earn more public attention. Dedicated in raising the quality of architecture and creating the value of architecture aesthetic, Chang strives with endless effort for the architecture aesthetic and the life culture of Taiwan.