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The first ever Asia Pacific Circular Economy Roundtable was successfully held and has made important progress in Taiwan’s circular economy.

2019 Asia Pacific Circular Economy Roundtable Highlights


【2019 APCER Plenary Sessions videos】

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2019 Asia Pacific Circular Economy Roundtable highlights

[10/16] 2019 亞太循環經濟論壇 Asia Pacific Circular Economy Roundtable Day 1





Implement Sustainable Development and Reverse Climate Change via Practices of Circular Economy

The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have become an important guidance for countries in policy-making and corporate governance. As the essential strategy, circular economy offers various approaches for enterprises to maximize values of resources, facilitating the symbiosis and prosperity among economy, environment, and society.

The Trend for International Brands

The future trends of consumer market are to be reflected, and so are the changes in the procurement of global supply chain, processes and specifications. The pioneers of production, consumption, and reprocess introduce circular economy into enterprise’s managerial strategies as well as the solutions for B2B and B2C corporations, in response to resource supply risks and consumer trends.

3 Resource Cycle Systems

  • Plastic Cycle
  • Metal Cycle
  • Agro Cycle

3 Transformative Strategies

  • Improving Energy and Resource Efficienc
  • Material and Product Design
  • Business Model Innovation

3 Strategies for Cross-sector Collaboration

  • From Supply Chains to Collaborative Networks
  • Industrial Symbiosis in Industrial Parks
  • Resource Matching and Cross-sector Applications

5 Field visits

  • Agro Cycle
  • Textile Cycle
  • Plastic
  • Metal Cycle and Cross-sector Cooperation
  • Energy Efficiency and Industrial Symbiosis